Krystian Karpiuk aka 'smntfl'


I'm living in eastern Poland. Among the meadows and rivers.



Some of my projects:

> Krystian Karpiuk Photo — my photographs, my soul… a small part of the world seen from my own point of view


> Krystian Karpiuk Typo — common typography mistakes, and more


> Krystian Karpiuk CG — selected projects that I created


> Krystian Karpiuk Photo+ — a still-growing base of my photos


> Krystian Karpiuk Lab — an interactive things that make your life easier


> Behance — my portfolio on Behance


> 5px — my portfolio on 500px


> noTriangle — the place where I work as an art director


> noTextures — the place where you can buy extraordinary seamless textures



About site:

On the web page “” I will share with you my personal hand-made art, the small and the bigger ones. I love to build a stretcher, ironed linen fabric (accompanied by a nice smell), produce own paint, grind wood (sanding cedar smell sensational) etc. These fragrances are natural, so close to all of us. All this work is to revive old furniture and bring them a new, good look.